Scaffold Law Reform Would Truly Open NY for Business

The Empire page has shared a piece written by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, calling for reform to the antiquated ‘Scaffold Law’ to open the doors of New York for business.

An excerpt:

“Getting two for one is everyone’s idea of a great deal, and now New York has that chance. Governor Cuomo has been calling for both mandate relief and major infrastructure improvements – reforming the “Scaffold Law” would achieve both goals.

This law, which exists only in New York, holds property owners and contractors absolutely liable for gravity related accidents, regardless of fault; even if the injured worker was intoxicated or ignoring safety training.  To reform this law, we should implement a “comparative negligence” standard in which those at fault for an incident will be held liable for their proportional amount of fault – that’s the way every other state in the nation does it.  It may sounds like a small change, but this common sense approach could potentially save billions of dollars and create thousands of new jobs.”

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