TU: Objections Raised to Lawsuit Bill

An article the Albany Times Union this week highlights objections to a bill that was quickly and stealthily introduced and passed in both houses on the final day of the legislative session, just hours before its’ end.  The legislation at hand is known as the “Uniform Notice of Claims Act” (S.7641/A.10657) while commendable in its intent, it will have serious ramifications for taxpayers and local governments if enacted.

“It creates a fill-in-the-box approach toward litigation,” Tom Stebbins, LRANY Executive Director, was quoted by the Times Union.

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New York needs mandate relief, not more lawsuits.  This legislation is currently pending arrival to Governor Cuomo’s desk, where he will have the ultimate say and either sign or veto the bill. The Governor needs to put taxpayers first and veto this bill!


Make your voice heard! Write to the Governor here.

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