NYP: Patients, Docs in — and Lawyers Lose

A recent opinion piece in the New York Post, written by Walter Olson of Overlawyered.com, points to why doctors and should be interested in New Hampshire’s “early offers” experiment in malpractice reform. Highlighting the clear win for doctors and patients while giving the boot to trial lawyers.

“Look northeast, docs: Late last month, over a veto from Democratic Gov. John Lynch, New Hampshire lawmakers enacted an “early offer” system for medical-malpractice claims that could become a national model — much to the chagrin of trial lawyers everywhere.

Based loosely on the idea of freedom of contract, and adding a dollop of the “loser-pays” legal fee principle long practiced in other nations, the reform promises to put a big dent in the costs of the Granite State’s malpractice system — while leaving genuine victims more satisfied.

Nothing like it has been tried anywhere — but if it works, imitators are sure to follow”.

Read full Article from the New York Post

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