California Lawyer Blows-Up Over Fireworks Display

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports of a California lawyers’ continued lawsuits to stop the annual fireworks in La Jolla on Fourth of July.

 “My wife gave birth to our oldest daughter on the Fourth of July. Last year on that day, a few months after moving to the neighborhood, we took both our girls to the La Jolla fireworks show. The sun took its sweet time going down, and the fireworks were a little too loud for their ears, but the day was magnificent.

It nearly wasn’t.

The show could have been called off if a lawsuit by Encinitas attorney Marco Gonzalez had succeeded. He wanted San Diego to study the fireworks’ environmental effects before issuing a permit.

Now Gonzalez is at it again. For the third straight year…”

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Have a safe and happy holiday from LRANY!

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