Bar Parents From Little League, Please!

By: Michael Seinberg

By now everyone knows about the NJ woman suing a little leaguer for $500,000 because she was hit by an errant throw. Now, the parents of a player have upped the stupidity ante by suing the league because their son wasn’t picked for the all-star team. Umm, maybe he wasn’t good enough? Maybe you people need to get a life? Maybe your lawyer should be fined for even filing this case?

It seems that Alice and Charles Hunt have filed suit against the Henryville, IN Youth Sports Inc. requesting that the all-star team not be allowed to play because, they claim, the rules were not followed when the team was picked. “My experience with the Little League is that as set forth in my response, there’s always going to be some parent that feels like their child didn’t get a fair shake,” said Graham Green, attorney for the league. That ain’t the half of it. Seems the Hunts were so freaked they showed up at his house one night at 11:30 pm and demanded their child’s coach be removed. Really.

The crux of the issue is that the parents claim certain league rules were not followed and thus their budding Babe Ruth was denied his chance at glory. Reality check indicates that the rule in question was never actually voted on and set into the league by-laws rendering their claims nonsense. The judge in the case, who allowed the team to take the field after they missed the first game of their season last Wednesday suggested the league needed to put the team picking procedure in writing to avoid future silliness. This makes sense.

Just to be clear, there is another hearing scheduled for August to settle the argument about the by-laws but Green hopes to be able to settle that out of court before hand. Good luck on that. The Hunt’s attorney, Jonathan M. Schulte may not be able to discern the situation clearly. “This lawsuit is about making sure parents, coaches, and volunteers involved with Henryville Youth Sports follow by-laws and procedures put in place to provide each youth with an equal opportunity to play the game,” he noted in a statement.

While they’re adjusting the by-laws, I’d suggest the league add something about not allowing parents who have a penchant for legal action to be involved in the league in any way.

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