NJLRA: Thanks for saving my life. That’ll cost you $5 million.

New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliances‘ AnnMarie McDonald recently blogged about a ridiculous  lawsuit that stuck New Jersey last week. This is a second crazy lawsuit as of late to hit the garden state following the New Jersey woman suing a little league player.

“One of the comments on NJ.com may have said it best:

“Instead of suing she should be making a huge donation to the PBA for having well trained officers who saved her life. She should be ashamed of herself.” – ireaddaily

Back in March, Carteret resident Ellen Shane was shopping at Woodbridge Center Mall with her husband when she was grabbed by a parolee and taken hostage.  He held a knife to her throat and dragged her by her hair to a nearby department store, in full view of her distraught husband who was unable to free her.  Fortunately a Woodbridge police officer was able to do so, shooting and killing the man who refused to let her go. “

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