WCNY: Liu Warns Bike Share Program May Lead to More Lawsuits for City

New York City Comptroller John Liu recently expressed concern over potential litigation against the city following the launch of the Citi Bike bike share program.  This echoes the recent decision in a small town in Washington State to eliminate their helmet law because of potential lawsuits due to lack of enforcement. Will liability fears destroy a good public program?

WCNY reports:

“While many in the city are eagerly waiting the start of the city’s bike sharing program, at least one man isn’t. New York City Comptroller John Liu is warning of safety and lawsuit problems that could come with the launch of Citi Bike.

Liu said the city may not be equipped to handle the lawsuits or the safety concerns that may accompany the July start of the largest bike share program in the country. He noted that New York City’s bicycle fatality and injury rates — without the bike share program — are about four times as high as Washington DC’s, which has a bike share program involving 1,100 bikes.”

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