Brooklyn Youth Sues School for $15M Over Bullying, Eye Injury

By: Michael Seinberg

A 14-year-old Brooklyn youth is suing the NYC Department of Education for $15 million after he claims he lost sight in his right eye as a result of injuries he sustained after an attack by bullies in the cafeteria.

The school district indicates that two students have been arrested and they are investigating the incident. The student, who reported that he had been bullied and injured previously, feels the district has not done enough to protect him.

Whatever the evidence finally shows in this case, the real issue isn’t whether or not the child was bullied or how much the school did or did not do to protect him. The real issue is that if he wins this case, every student in the district loses, the taxpayers lose and the system loses. $15 million can pay for a large number of teachers, vast improvements in school buildings, technology, materials, and so on.

The rights and safety of all school students should always be of utmost importance and when a school does not live up to that responsibility, steps need to be taken. But, there is no sense or justice in taking steps that ultimately undermine the entire system to the detriment of all students.  In an already damaged and struggling system, this case will only further the problem and help prevent it.

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