2011-2012 Post-Session Update

By: Scott Hobson

On June 21st the Senate and Assembly adjourned at the call of the Majority Leader and Speaker, signaling the end of the 2012 legislative session. Throughout the session, the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York actively engaged elected officials and advocacy groups to fight for meaningful lawsuit reform and defeat efforts to expand liability.

During the 2011-12 session, LRANY achieved a number of significant milestones. LRANY secured majority-party sponsorship of numerous key legislative priorities, including expert witness disclosure reform and limitations on liability to trespassers. LRANY also spearheaded the creation of a historic, diverse coalition to reform the Scaffold Law which engaged the media and elected officials to advance reform legislation.

Additionally, LRANY defeated all trial bar backed efforts to expand liability and unfairly advantage plaintiffs. These efforts included countless proposals to authorize new types of private lawsuits and create liability where none existed previously. Many sought to eliminate existing statutory or common law liability protections. Most significantly, LRANY blocked the passage of legislation which would have extended the broad powers of the Martin Act to private plaintiffs, and defeated a proposal to eliminate defendants’ right to informally interview plaintiffs’ treating physicians – a right affirmed by the highest court in the state.

The following list provides a summary of legislation supported and opposed by LRANY and actions taken on that legislation during the 2011-12 session.

LRANY would like to thank all our members, supporters, staff and affiliates for helping make the 2011-12 session successful and productive.

Read the detailed update here.

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