NY Scaffold Law: Antiquated and Out of Date

guest article in the Associated Builders and Contractors Progress! Under Construction written by Tom Stebbins, LRANY Executive Director, highlights the costly impacts of the Scaffold Law and efforts to reform it.

If you are a builder in New York, chances are you are familiar with New York’s infamous “Scaffold Law.” For those who are not, be prepared for a shock. The Scaffold Law is an archaic statute which holds builders, contractors, and their employers absolutely liable for all “elevation-related” injuries that occur on the job site. This means that liability for an injury is automatic, regardless of who was at fault. There is virtually no defense against a Scaffold Law lawsuit. The worker was drunk? Too bad, you’re liable. They ignored their safety training? That doesn’t matter either. The law treats a law responsible, law -abiding builder the same way as one who was criminally negligent. Lawsuits under the Scaffold Law are not exclusive from a Workers’ Compensation claim, so employers can end up paying twice for negligent workers.

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To Learn more about the Scaffold Law and how you can help, visit www.ScaffoldLaw.org!

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