Cops Sue Cops, We Pick up the Tab

By: Michael Seinberg

Everyone knows that being a police officer can be hazardous, but a lawsuit filed by officers in the Long Beach Police Department on Long Island shows that perps aren’t always the only danger; often it’s politics.

Five veteran officers, all Republicans, are suing the department for a whopping $39 million. They claim they were demoted for supporting GOP candidates during the election. Lest you think this is a plot by one side, think again. Prior to this suit, a $27.5 million suit was filed against the old GOP administration by a Democratic cop, from the same department, claiming harassment by his old bosses based on the cop’s political leanings. When the Dems took power, he settled for $25,000, picked up two promotions and a $20,000 pay raise.  No word on how much the police department paid in legal fees.

Before you feel too bad for any of these hard working civil servants, keep in mind they all earned upwards of $130,000 last year and while some got pay cuts, none are making less than $120,000 per year this year.

The city of Long Beach and the PBA have called the new suit false and frivolous and promise to vigorously defend themselves. In the meantime, residents can rest assured that their boys in blue have the diligence to discover that high dollar lawsuits may add some cushion to their salaries.  Time will tell if these multi-million dollar cases become routine conduct each time the administration changes.

No matter what you believe is behind the demotions, suits, charges and counter-charges, all New York residents pay when someone sues our municipalities and public institutions. They don’t call it Sue York for nothing.

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