Coalition Calls on Cuomo for Action on Scaffold Law

This week, LRANY joined a coalition urging Governor Cuomo and the Mandate Relief Council to support reform of New York’s antiquated “Scaffold Law”.

See excerpt from press release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York’s municipalities pay over $1 billion each year for total claims and legal judgments, including increased liability under the Scaffold Law.  A broad coalition of advocacy groups, representing small and large businesses, contractors, farmers and municipalities recently issued a letter to Governor Cuomo and the Mandate Relief Council asking for their support in reforming the Scaffold Law.  The law, which dates back to the 1880s, holds contractors and property owners absolutely liable for workplace injuries, regardless of fault – driving up insurance and building costs across the state.  New York is the only state to still have the law on the books.

“At a time when communities all across the state are facing some of their greatest fiscal challenges, any efforts to protect local governments from additional financial exposure by affording them their right to due process must be given the utmost consideration,” said Peter Baynes, Executive Director of the New York Conference of Mayors.

The coalition also highlighted the effect of the Scaffold Law on state spending.  “Governor Cuomo has strongly supported mandate relief and increased infrastructure spending.  Reforming the Scaffold Law would relieve our communities of this burdensome and outdated mandate and allow our state’s infrastructure dollars to go further,” said Tom Stebbins, Executive Director of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York.

Read the full press release

Read the letter


To Learn more about the Scaffold Law and how you can help, visit!

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