“New York” Bagels, Water, and Lawsuits

By Michael Seinberg

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company opened in Delray Beach Florida in August 2009 and has since expanded to 14 locations. Their claim to fame? They have developed a special patented water filtration process, which miraculously turns Florida water into Brooklyn water, which is said to be the secret behind making a great bagel. Turns out it may also be the secret to creating many lawsuits.

The latest suit is for $2 million from a Boca Raton businessman named Andrew Greenbaum who is suing the company claiming their process doesn’t create Brooklyn water and that he was misled when he paid for the franchise rights for several counties. This comes after a suit between the father-in-law and son who started the company over the water filtration process, a suit from another restaurant who bought said filtration system, and a suit from the bagel folks against that restaurant to keep them from using the system. At the rate these people spend money on lawsuits they could probably just build a pipeline from Brooklyn to Florida and skip the filtration system altogether.

The whole idea of using lawsuits as a business model, bludgeon, and tool to get what one party wants is getting so out of hand that it borders on the ludicrous. The endless suits and counter suits over water, bagels, filtration and so on will ultimately have only one result. The lawyers will earn enough money to charter a private jet and have fresh bagels from Brooklyn flown in every day.

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  1. Alison Bush
    Alison Bush says:

    This is unbelievable was the Boca Raton business man never read” The Emporer has no clothes as a child?” What happened to taking responsibility for your actions?
    If you were foolish enough to believe that a water filtration system could turn Florida water into Brooklyn water and therefore create the perfect bagel, it would seem you were easily fooled and could be convinced of anything! To take that one step further and buy the franchising rights, for said water filtration system, in several counties,makes the plaintiff seem completely stupid!
    But instead of hiding under a rock in embaressment,they sue for 2 million dollars! No one forced him to invest his money, except I am thinking his greed at how much money he could make! People need to start taking responsibility for their bad judgement and stop wasting the courts and everyone elses time with such nonesense; we need as a society to put a stop to this kind of law suit!


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