Brooklyn Man Sues Apple Because Siri Just Doesn’t Understand Him

By Michael Seinberg

Life for Frank M. Fazio, of Brooklyn just isn’t fair. In November he bought a new iPhone 4S in large part, he says, because of the TV commercials showing Siri, Apple’s built in voice-activated digital assistant. But then, the budding relationship between him and Siri began to break down. When Mr. Fazio asked Siri for directions Siri either did not understand or, after a very long wait, gave the wrong answer. Couldn’t she have just been in shock because a guy actually asked for directions? So rather than look into some sort of relationship counseling or just returning the phone, Mr. Fazio has filed suit against Apple and is seeking unspecified damages.

In point of fact, Apple has clearly stated that Siri is still in beta, which means it is in development and will be improved through software updates as more data is gathered. That’s not very unusual in the technology industry. Besides, how many people can easily understand a Brooklyn accent? And Mr. Fazio thinks a 6-ounce computer can?

The truth is that anyone who believes that all advertisements are always 100% accurate probably has some serious problems besides speech issues. Nobody besides Mr. Fazio’s attorney stands to benefit and Apple’s famously aggressive legal department will likely turn this suit into legal sushi. Speaking of which, Siri just learned to understand Japanese, according to Apple. Obviously Brooklynese is a little tougher.

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