Times Herald Record,My View: Scaffold Law Puts Unnecessary Burden on Taxpayers

Read this opinion piece by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, published today in the Times Herald Record.  This piece highlights the erroneous costs spent on insurance costs related to the ‘Scaffold Law’ for state infrastructure projects such as the Tappan Zee Bridge.

“It’s going to cost at least $5 billion to replace the Tappan Zee Bridge. That’s a fact.

But what’s also a fact is that it could cost about $3.8 billion if the New York state Legislature would finally join the 49 other states and get rid of New York’s Scaffold Law.

It’s no great secret that the infrastructure of our state is quietly crumbling away just as the economy seems poised to turn a corner. And yet, for many reasons (none of them good), our state Legislature continually chooses to turn a blind eye to legislative changes that could address our infrastructure needs, stimulate the economy, put people to work, and lower the burden on already collapsing New York taxpayers”.

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To find out more about the Scaffold Law and how you can help, visit www.ScaffoldLaw.org


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