Graduate Sues College Over “Busy” Roommate

By: Mike Seinberg

New York resident, Lindsay Blankmeyer, has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Boston against her former college claiming that her roommate’s active sex life sent her into a deep depression and that the college did nothing to help her, despite the college’s contention that they offered her multiple alternative housing options. Blankmeyer, who graduated from Stonehill College in Easton, MA in 2011 wants $150,000 in damages.

During her final year at Stonehill, Blankmeyer, who admits she suffered from attention deficit disorder and depression before she ever entered college, says her roommate and her boyfriend engaged in sexual activity in their room while she was trying to sleep as well as sexually inappropriate video chatting while she was in the room. The college claims that among other things, they offered her a single room, which she disputes, as well as mediation and other housing options, which she also rejected. She eventually left school and finished her studies from her home in NY.

The college maintains it made every effort to resolve the issue while Blankmeyer, her parents, and her attorney disagree. The school, which currently charges $46,780 per year for a full time student, also made special arrangements with Blankmeyer to give her extra time for papers and tests due to her ADD and depression issues.

This is a clear case of she said-she said and it’s unlikely the truth will ever come out. In the meantime, the court should swiftly dismiss this ridiculous suit. Blankmeyer has her diploma, can move on with her life and is now doing nothing but damaging the reputation of her former school and not doing much for her own image. One wonders how many employers would be eager to have someone like Blankmeyer on staff. The only person who will make out well will be Blankmeyer’s lawyer. Perhaps he could hire her.

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