Reuters- Lawsuits Against Law Schools Weak: Legal Ed Experts

Reuters News & Insight reports on the lawsuits against law schools across the country with claims that students were misled on the job outlook post graduation.  Experts say their argument is weak.

Lawsuits claiming law schools misled applicants about future job prospects have drawn plenty of attention, but they may not help disgruntled graduates get their money back , some legal education experts say.

According to the lawsuits — three of which were filed last year followed by 12 this month — the law schools overstated the job prospects of their students. The plaintiffs, who are graduates of the law schools, say they have been left with huge student debts and a dim career outlook after graduation. Nine of the 15 law schools denied any wrongdoing. The others could not be reached by Reuters.

While the lawsuits have generated plenty of coverage in the legal media, the underlying legal claims are not strong, according to some legal education experts. That’s because it is not clear that the law schools in question failed to meet minimum industry standards when reporting job placement data, these experts say.”

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