Legal Newsline Editorial: New York’s Laws Clogging Courts

John O’Brien writes:

“New York’s laws encourage frivolous lawsuits, the executive director of a legal reform group wrote in a recent editorial.

Thomas Stebbins of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York wrote Tuesday in The Palladium-Times of Oswego that court administrators facing budget cuts are scaling back court services. Lawsuits, Stebbins says, are choking New York’s courts.

‘Many New Yorkers may just shake their head at our overly litigious society,’ Stebbins wrote. ‘But what they may not know is that New York has a number of laws, supported by the powerful trial lawyer lobby, that make it all too easy and profitable to sue.’

Stebbins notes the presence of joint and several liability, a doctrine that holds a defendant responsible for 100 percent of a jury award if its co-defendant is unable to pay the portion for which it is found liable.”

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