Money Talks for Trial Lawyers

Earlier this month, the Times Union’s Capitol Confidential  reported on a recent study conducted by NYPRIG which covered political contributions for 2011.  The study found that the top 127 donors gave a whopping $16.8 million to state elections.  Not surprisingly,  number 3 on the list was Law PAC of New York a.k.a. the trial lawyer lobby.  This week, Capitol Confidential shared an interactive map compiled by a California-based company showing who “owns” members of Congress in any given state.  In New York, you guessed it, law firms top the list.

It is no secret that plaintiffs’ attorneys are against lawsuit reform – they risk losing out on their big payday cases.  Yet what is most disturbing is just how much of their money finds its way into the campaign funds of our elected officials.

We at LRANY have high hopes that with widespread awareness and action from supporters like you, along with our Governor’s commitment to ethics and transparency, we can stem the tide of trial bar money and repair our legal system.

Visit out Get Involved page to find out how you can help and write to your local elected official!

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