Scorned Mother Sues City For $900 Trillion

lawsuit was recently filed by a Staten Island mother, representing herself,  for the mind boggling amount of $900 trillion (yes trillion!), reports SI Live.  Fausat Ogunbayo claims she is owed this amount in damages resulting from the city removing her two children from her home and placing them in foster care over three years ago.

The city claims the children were removed due the mother being mentally ill, suffering from hallucinations and delusions, and refusing treatment.  They note several examples of delusions including a letter written to the school claiming the FBI was out to get her boys and calls to the doctor claiming her son’s skin was getting darker from radiation.  Ogunbayo states the allegations are a “huge lie” and that she and her children have suffered  ”over three years of terror, horror, grievous harm, time lost, substantial economic hardship and injuries.”

Ms. Ogunbayo is now desperate to get her children back, but  her $900 trillion lawsuit suggests she is still experiencing delusions.  Just the action of the lawsuit being filed is costing taxpayer dollars and tying up already strained court resources.  If Ms. Ogunbayo is trying to get her kids back by proving she is sensible and responsible, she might want to consider a different route.


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    ANONYMOUS says:

    I support this lawsuit. It is not about the money. Clearly this woman was trying to make a point and she made it. Do not mess with a woman’s children. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I am a man but if I sat on the Jury I would immediately give her an award for damages – probably a figure closer to $250,000 – but certainly damages in her favor. The state has to learn to stay away from manipulating people and hurting families and this lawsuit is one of many to follow, I hope, to send that message, LOUD AND CLEAR to the state.

  2. Alison Bush
    Alison Bush says:

    Clearly Anonymous has never had a relative who is seriously mentally ill, or they are seriously mentally ill themselves!! A parent who thinks the FBI are out to get her children and who contacts her doctor because she believes her children are darker because of radiation has serious problems!!! Her children should be in in foster care and as children need protection from her! As a mother who raised her daughters on her own, I would be the first to protect children’s rights. But seriously if children are being raised by a mother who is that mentally ill, we need to step in! If she loved her children she would be seaking the help she needs. New york tax payers should not be footing the bill for such crazyness!!!


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