Crain’s: New York Must Unshackle Business

An article in yesterday’s Crain’s New York Business outlined several outdated and costly mandates that should be modified or repealed to help make New York more prosperous. Not surprisingly, the Scaffold Law made the list.

From the article:

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo has much to do in the current legislative session if he is to live up to his pledge that New York is once again open for business. The governor is on the right track, tackling pension costs and reforming education. His proposed budget keeps spending flat, thanks to last year’s introduction of a cap on education and Medicaid cost inflation. And his pledge to seek private capital for investments in the state’s crumbling roads and bridges will accelerate much-needed capital projects.

But he must remain vigilant in his push to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and enact pro-growth policies. The governor is reviewing senseless mandates that unnecessarily burden local governments. He should also take a fresh look at rules that hurt business. Liability insurance, for example, remains extraordinarily high. The “scaffold law” makes New York the only state in the nation where employers are responsible for workplace injuries that are not their fault. As a result, construction firms decline to take on new jobs because the cost of insurance alone can make work unprofitable.”

Read the full article here:

Reform to the Scaffold Law would spur investment bring desperately needed jobs back to the State. It’s time to put politics aside and address this archaic and burdensome law which serves little purpose other than to enrich personal injury lawyers at taxpayers’ expense.

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