Porky Prisoner Suing for $1 Million, Claims Unfit Apparel is Need for Shrink

The New York Post reports that Elias A. Diaz, a 400 pound felon has filed a federal lawsuit against the City of New York seeking $1 million. Diaz was arrested for weapons possession in May 2011 and incarcerated for 8 months for his crime.  During this time, Diaz was not provided with standard prison clothes due to his unusually large size, and had to wash his “street clothes” and wear them every day of his sentence.

What else to do in this situation but file a million dollar lawsuit?  Diaz is seeking $500,000 for psychiatric care to treat the emotional distress he endured from wearing his own clothing and an additional $500,000 for unspecified damages.  During his time in prison, Diaz filed a housing complaint but did not once file a complaint about his clothing.

To defend this his glaring abuse of the civil justice system will cost taxpayer dollars and consume our courts’ already limited resources.

New York taxpayers pay hundreds of millions of dollars each year for lawsuits and legal costs. Without meaningful lawsuit reform, frivolous and abusive lawsuits will continue to drive up the cost of goods and services, clog our courts, and stifle economic growth.

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