Overreaction Has Arrived; Common Sense, Out the Door

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled Boozy Babies and Other Overhyped Panics, highlights how in today’s highly litigious culture, simple accidents are often the basis for filing a lawsuit. From crazy recalls to the elimination of balls from a school playground, we see and read about it every day;  the fear of litigation often forces people to make decisions that defy common sense.

“This collective decision not to distinguish between rare screw-ups and systemic dangers is turning us into neurotic Nellies who worry about, warn against and, finally, outlaw very safe things.” states the articles author Lenore Skenazy.

We are constantly bombarded by 1-800-LAWYER commercials howling, ”you deserve compensation!”  Many will remember now disgraced attorney Jim “The Hammer” Schapiro’s tagline, “I’ll squeeze them for every dime I can!” [See Video] And while many who are injured do deserve compensation, filing a lawsuit should not be the solution for every accident or mistake. Frivolous lawsuits cost every taxpayer in New York, drive up the cost of goods and services, and hamper economic growth. Worse yet, it turns our justice system into a lottery and perpetuates a culture of “sue first, ask questions later.”

It’s time for common sense to make a comeback. Reforming our civil justice system and reducing frivolous lawsuits could save millions and put money back into the pockets of every New Yorker.

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