A Gobble Worth $4.25 Million

In the spirit of Turkey Day, here is a ridiculous lawsuit with an absurdly high judgment from 2010 which may make you gobble, I mean giggle.

Have a wonderful holiday!

“What began as a dispute between neighbors about pet turkeys ended Friday when a Beaufort County jury awarded two Hilton Head Island siblings $4.25 million in damages.

In 2004, defendant Ralph Dupps accused Robert and Jennifer Klippel of taking his turkeys from his Sea Pines home and setting them free. The charges were dismissed, and the Klippels sued Dupps. They claim he accused them falsely and that their wrongful arrest caused public humiliation and emotional distress that drove Robert Klippel to alcohol and Jennifer Klippel to the use of sleep aids and depression medication.

On Friday — after five days of testimony — a jury in the 14th Circuit Court of Common Pleas ruled in the Klippels’ favor.

‘We’re dealing with someone who is an immature bully,’ said attorney Richard Rosen, who represented the Klippels. ‘This prosecution of Jennifer and Robert was done maliciously, out of pure spite and arrogance, with no probable cause.’

But Mary Sharp, an attorney representing Dupps, argued there was nothing extreme or outrageous about her client’s use of the judicial system.”

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