Bacon and Eggs With a Side of Frivolous Lawsuit

A New York personal injury lawyer recently filed a lawsuit against his upscale NYC gym for putting a cramp in his daily routine when they stopped serving breakfast.  Richard Katz is suing the facility for $750,000, claiming their misleading actions were illegal, despicable, reckless, malicious, deliberate, and immoral. With the annual fee a jaw dropping $5000, according to a post on Above the Law, the money he is suing for is astronomical – as is the fact that he is suing at all.   Katz’s complaint states that the gym promised this “full complimentary breakfast” knowing that they would not be able to make good on the offer, “They mucked it all up,” the New York Daily News quoted Katz.

It is no secret that personal injury lawyers know a thing or two about frivolous lawsuits.  This is a prime example of a lawyer that knows it is worth a shot to file a lawsuit in New York, no matter how frivolous, because sanctions for doing so are virtually unheard of.  Rather than pay the legal costs, a vast majority of defendants simply settle these “nuisance suits.”  These suits drive up costs of goods and services and tie up our already strained court resources, meaning those with legitimate cases must wait longer for justice. This ridiculous lawsuit is yet another timely reminder that the justice system is in dire need of change.

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