Even Hollywood Starlets Know New York is a Great Place to Sue

The plaintiff-friendly laws that are currently on the books in New York make our state the prime place to file a lawsuit.  Even Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan has figured this out, as an article in The Hollywood Reporter reports.  According to the article, Lohan recently filed a lawsuit against rapper Pitbull in Nassau County claiming to be a resident at her mother’s home.

Her lawsuit is testing the First Amendment by claiming Pitbull’s lyrics “locked up like Lindsay Lohan” caused her “tremendous emotional distress” and were “destined to do irreparable harm” to her image as “a professional actor of good repute.”

This is certainly not Lohan’s first time in court, and surprisingly is not her first time trying to file a case in New York.  Last year, a judge ruled in her lawsuit against eTrade that she had not proven residence in Nassau County and ordered a change in venue.

Pitbull’s lawyers have filed a notice of removal that aside from the case itself being ridiculous, that Lohan made a sworn declaration that “falsely attested” to her residence.

New York is often the “venue” chosen by plaintiffs to file a lawsuit.  The laws in our state make it easy to file a lawsuit and the chance of winning higher than many other states.  This practice clogs our courts and is a major drag on our economy, drawing businesses and jobs out of New York and to states that have a more balanced  judicial system.

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