Oklahoma Lawyers Last Minute Attempts at ‘Jackpot Justice’

The day before a $350,000 cap on non-economic damages goes into effect in Oklahoma, lawyers reached for their last chance at ‘jackpot justice’, filing about 450 civil lawsuits in Tulsa County an, Oklahoma publication reports.  Compared to the average filings of 80 per day, this extreme hike is clearly to not miss the opportunity for high ‘pain and suffering’ payouts.  Oklahoma lawyers have been rounding up clients for months, as they scramble to file cases before the is law changed.

This same practice of flooding clerks desk was seen in Texas prior to their ‘Loser Pays’ bill going into effect earlier this year.  These last minute attempts by trial lawyers are showing the true benefit of reforms before they even go into effect.

LRANY is working to bring these reforms to New York to decrease the frivolous lawsuits costing all New Yorker’s!

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