Tort Reform = Better Care

“Thanks to the passage of lawsuit reforms, medical care is now more readily available in many Texas communities. For many patients, this change has been life-altering; for some, life-saving.

George Rodriguez walks today thanks to tort reform. Newly established Corpus Christi neurosurgeon Matthew Alexander urgently operated on Rodriguez’ spinal abscess, relieving the pressure on his spinal cord and sparing him life in a wheelchair. Without the state’s lawsuit reforms, Dr. Alexander wouldn’t have relocated to Texas and Mr. Rodriguez would have been deprived access to emergency neurosurgery in Corpus Christi.”

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In New York, the liability costs are so high that hospitals and practices are closing and doctors are leaving the state.  Many of the doctors that left our state have moved to Texas due to the lower liability costs as was explained by an article in the New York Post.  Since 2003, medical liability rates in New York have increased more than 60 percent; in Texas, they’ve dropped by 54 percent.

LRANY is fighting to enact these needed reforms before ALL of our doctors leave the state!

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