New York – Medical liability “crisis state”

The chairman of the American Medical Association (AMA) recently wrote a letter to the editor of a story published in the New York Times. The letter thanked the writer for stressing the need for tort reform and explained its benefits and widespread support:

“To the Editor:

The American Medical Association appreciates that your Oct. 7 editorial “Not Their Job” acknowledged the need for tort reform and the current medical liability system’s role in driving up health costs for patients.

The A.M.A. and many others strongly believe that medical liability reform provides a solid solution for reducing the federal deficit and improving a civil justice system that has failed injured patients.”  Read more.


The current medical liability system in New York is completely unsustainable.  Medical liability premiums are at an all time high and continue to rise, this threatens New Yorker’s access to care and forces doctors out of our state.  New York is in such desperate need of reform that it is listed by the AMA as a ” Crisis State”.

LRANY is working on numerous priorities to reverse this medical liability crisis including:

-Capping non-economic damages

-Raising standards for medical expert witness testimony

-Creating specialized “healthcare courts”

These are just a few of the many priorities that LRANY is fighting for to fix our broken medical liability system.

Join the fight and make your voice heard!

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