Lawyers in training sue New York Law School over misleading stats

A lawsuit was brought against the New York Law School in August by three former students who claim the school’s statistics on job success rates post-graduation were misleading.  The suit is seeking up to $200 million in tuition refunds for recent graduates as well as asking for clarity in its statistics.

Last week, the New York Law School filed a motion to dismiss the case calling the lawsuit “meritless”.  The school states that the students claims were based on “broad generalities” rather than concrete facts.  On the school’s website, they list key points made in the brief supporting the motion to dismiss.  Among these key points is the fact that two of three plaintiffs already had graduated and the third had attended for two years when the allegedly misleading data was published, so they could not have relied on that data to choose the school!

This lawsuit is clearly baseless.  These students were looking for that jackpot justice case right out of the box.

Read more on this class action case and on additional schools being targeted.

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