Misleading trailer “Drive”s Michigan woman to sue

Sarah Deming, a Michigan woman recently filed a lawsuit against the makers of the movie “Drive” and the movie theater where she saw the movie, claiming the trailer was misleading.

Deming claims that the trailer for the movie mislead viewers to believe that it would be an action racing movie similar to “Fast and the Furious” she claims this was not the case.  She also claims in her lawsuit that this movie contained “substantially contained extreme gratuitous dehumanizing racism directed at members of the Jewish faith, and thereby promoted criminal violence against members of the Jewish faith.”

Deming is seeking a refund for her ticket and hoping to make this a class action lawsuit against misleading movie trailers.  No hearings have yet been set for this suit.

“That’s ridiculous” a local movie goer at the theater Deming is suing stated,  “it’s definitely a waste of the courts time.  They have more important things to deal with than issues like that”.

That they do, and this is yet another ridiculous lawsuit which will clog our courts and cost taxpayers.

Read more from the NY Post.

Watch the video from the local news.


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