Manhattan’s restaurant industry shaken by money-hungry lawyers

A recent article in the New York Post highlights the latest target of frivolous lawsuits in New York – our restaurants.  New York City restaurants have paid $30 million in settlements to a single Manhattan trial lawyer, who “invented this business”.  These lawsuits are devastating to NYC’s world-class restaurant industry.   Joe Bastianich, co-owner of Eataly, Del Posto and Babbo says, “Money-hungry lawyers, through frivolous lawsuits, are shaking down the very foundation of Manhattan’s restaurant industry.”

The fear of getting sued is spreading across the city and restaurants upstate are no doubt the next targets.  Many restaurant owners are choosing not to do business in New York.  “We opened Eataly and put 700 jobs in the New York economy. Since then we haven’t opened another restaurant in New York, nor will we,” Bastianich told The Post. “We opened three other restaurants, in California and Connecticut, worth 1,000 jobs that could have been here in New York. Someone in Albany needs to understand the agenda, what this is really costing the greatest restaurant city in the world.”

As with many other industries, the plaintiff-friendly laws in our state are driving businesses away. Our state needs reform to keep businesses in New York, create jobs and re-energize our economy!

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