Day before ‘Loser Pays’ launches, Beaumont lawyers file 59 lawsuits


On the day before ‘loser pays’ tort reforms went into effect, Golden Triangle attorneys made a mad dash to the Beaumont courthouse, flooding the District Clerk’s Office with nearly 60 fresh lawsuits.

On May 30, Gov. Rick Perry signed off on House Bill 274, which includes a “loser pays” component designed to impede frivolous lawsuits in Texas.

The bill went into effect on Sept. 1 and calls for some civil plaintiffs who sue and lose to pay the court costs and attorney fees of those they sued. The law also creates expedited civil actions for cases less than $100,000 and allows judges to dismiss meritless lawsuits.

Most likely hoping to avoid that costly outcome, Beaumont attorneys filed 59 lawsuits on Aug. 31, a search at the Beaumont courthouse revealed.

Out of the 59 lawsuits submitted, 44 claims were marked as personal injury lawsuits, and encompass plaintiffs who allege they were injured because of toxic chemical exposure; medical malpractice; and even rampaging cow attacks.

Read More from the Texas Tribune.

These Texas trial lawyers are simply strengthening the case for ‘Loser Pays’ with this last minute try at a “jackpot justice” case.

New York needs these reforms to stop the frivolous lawsuits in our state! 

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