Malpractice Update-Peninsula Hospital Closing

The news that the Peninsula Hospital in Far Rockaway is closing is all too familiar.

New York is facing an unprecedented medical liability crisis and the cost of insurance continues to outpace all other measures. New Yorkers pay more than $130 million annually in taxes to subsidize the cost of malpractice insurance, yet the premiums paid by doctors and hospitals remains astronomically high when compared to other states. Doctors in some parts of New York pay upwards of $200,000 per year in premiums and some health care providers cannot get coverage at all.  This increases our cost of health care and our ability to access it.

Governor Cuomo included a cap on non-economic damages in his 2011 budget, which would have helped control costs and begin to lessen the burden on health care providers and taxpayers but the cap did not make it through the legislature.

We must pressure the legislature to pass the cap before there are no hospitals left.

View the full Queens Tribune letter to the editor,  (third letter down) written by LRANY’s executive director, Tom Stebbins.

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