New York City Named A Judicial Hellhole

The American Tort Reform Foundation has named New York City as a “Judicial Hellhole” in a report released earlier today.  New York City and New Mexico joined the list this year along with perennial “winners” South Florida, West Virginia, Cook County (Illinois) and Atlantic County (New Jersey).

“Lawsuit abuse continues to have a negative impact on both the nation’s economy and its health care system,” said ATRF preisdnet Tiger Joyce.  “Unfortunately for those living in Hellholes jurisdictions during this economic downturn, it can be that much harder to find or heep a job and get critical health care services as employers and doctors are driven away by the threat of costly litigation.”

We, at NYLR, couldn’t agree more.

Click here for  copy of the news release and click here to see the full report (PDF file.  Right click and select download as).

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